The Trashy Beachesūüíč ‚ÄúSaving The Beach One Bag At A Time‚ÄĚ

The Trashy Beaches founder Jacqueline Eidelson is bringing this fabulous concept to Cannes this summer!!!



Started as group of people who walk the beaches of South Florida and clean up debris.

Everyone in Cannes & Monaco is welcome also!!!


People have been left “haunted” by scenes that showed sea life struggling to survive in polluted seas and is understood that many governments are developing plans to crackdown on use of single use plastics.

trashy tee

Cleaning up beaches can boost local economies in addition to preserving natural treasures and animal habitats.

So do your bit for the enviroment & clean your local Cannes & Monaco beaches

(Tee Shirts & Gloves available to members)

90% of litter on beaches is plastic

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CCI Riviera & Monaco News the Leading News and Events source for the Riviera & Monaco are pleased to be a sponsor of:

Screenshot-2018-2-26 Jacqueline E - The Trashy Beachesūüíč ‚ÄúSaving The Beach One Bag At A Time‚ÄĚ (Delray Beach, FL) Meetup


For more details on membership & joining please complete contact form below:












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