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Welcome to our Antibes Dental Practice!

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Everybody deserve a beautiful smile!

We greet you in a modern and friendly environment.

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We understand here, at our dental practice, that all of our patients have one thing in common: your smile is incredibly important to you. This is not hard to understand considering that your smile is one of your key physical assets and perhaps the one – second only to the eyes – that says the most about you!
If your teeth and gums are not healthy, you will probably struggle to smile with confidence and this can have far-reaching ramifications on all areas of your life, from the social sphere to the professional working environment.
For this reason, we are not only concentrate on improving your standard of oral health and hygiene, we also focus on how we can bring out the beauty of your smile!

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Dental esthetics are as important to our patients as they are to us and so we have made available a suite of procedures and treatments designed to put the glint back into your grin.You’ll be pleased to know that achieving your perfect smile in the 21st century is no way near as time consuming as you may think and doesn’t necessarily involve painful procedures or the alteration of healthy teeth.The most important for our practice is you,the patient, and we pride ourselves an offering the perfect smile for you and give you the best informations regarding dental care.


To find out more about these treatments, please click on the links provided.

Contact Details

dentist antibes logo Dr. I.T. Grigore – English Speaking Dentist in Antibes. Cosmetic Dental Practice located in Antibes! Modern and friendly environment, best results with best prices. Contact us today

35 Avenue Amiral Courbet, Le Royal Beach
06160, Juan les Pins, France

Tel: +33 (0)493.610.628


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