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Top Marques Supercar Show Starts This Week!!! ​

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TOP Marques opens this week with an unprecedented number of world premiere supercars, limited edition models and technical innovations on display inside Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum.

No less than six world premieres will be unveiled by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco at the opening ceremony in the Espace Diaghilev on May 30th.

Amongst the vehicles making their debut on the world stage right here in Monaco is the Zacaria, the first ever street legal Formula 1 supercar all the way from Australia, as well as Perth’s Ferox Azaris, an off-roader designed for life on Mars. In avant premieres there will also be the McLaren Grand Tourer and  a limited edition of the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera.

Visitors can also see the supersonic Bagheera 50 GTS, a concept superboat with a revolutionary design that will enable passengers to get to Corsica in less than one hour, as well as a brand new motorbike ‘Carbon Zero’ by L’Atelier du Gentleman.

“I am really pleased by the exceptional quality of exhibitors at this year’s Top Marques,” said Salim Zeghdar, CEO of Top Marques Monaco. “We have managed to amass an incredible line up of world premieres and extremely rare supercars that you wouldn’t see, side by side, anywhere else in the world.

I want to treat visitors to a real ‘spectacle’ inside the Grimaldi Forum which they won’t see outside. The show, this year, is inside and not outside,” he added.

Mr Zeghdar’s comments follow reports earlier this year that the future of Top Marques was endangered by the irresponsible behaviour of a few motorists on the streets of Monaco during the 2018 edition.

“The events of last year were dangerous and could have not only resulted in injuries but also been the end of the show,” said Mr Zeghdar. “This would have been unfair since most of the troublemakers did not even visit the show! We have been working with the authorities to ensure that events like those of 2018 will not happen again, and that Top Marques last for another fifteen years! Or more.”

To ensure the continuity of Top Marques a number of new regulations have been made which allow police officers to reinforce traffic laws and counter irresponsible behaviour.

Drivers who do not comply with speed limits, drive unreasonably (acceleration over short distances or use the engine at excessive speeds) or endanger the safety of others, for example, are at risk of their vehicle being immobilised for 120 hours, being fined up to 1.000 euros, and could even see a suspension of their driving license or the right to use it in Monaco for up to three months.

Other highlights being organised to animate this year’s show, sponsored by Barclays Bank, include a ‘live’ tour of the Supercar Hall by two of the automobile industry’s most influential vloggers, Shmee150 and POG.



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