RACE MEDIA & CCI MONACO Extend Corporate Partnership:

With a unique marketing plan, international partners and one of Europe’s most successful touring car racing teams backing us up, we can offer your brand an exciting journey.

Business areas

We operate mainly in four different business areas.
Connecting sponsors, rightsholders and partners with race drivers.
Operate and manage chosen race driver/drivers during the season
Event Development (develop marketing tools, manage and execute sponsor events)
Emerging new media solutions.

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Driver Management (DM)
Setting the driver up with the team, sponsors, and the car brand is just the tip of the iceberg in this roll. Marketing, meetings with sponsors, negotiations, fulfilments of different deals, administration during a race, medical and physical tests, is other duties involved.

pierre runic

The goal is that the driver should do what he does best, drive as fast as possible with as little administrative hassle as possible.


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Race Media have also extended the Corporate Agreement with CCI Monaco News in Monaco .With their extensive network in the Mediterranean region and unmatched publishing platform, we believe that they will succeed as a selected partner with RaceMedia. Their reach only with email marketing is well over 120 000+ individuals in the chosen segment, and that list is growing. They are also intimately connected to a range of exclusive events like MIPIM, Top Marques Monaco, Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Lions, Cannes & Monaco Yacht Shows, ILTM Cannes, St Tropez Polo and their own CCI Investment Forum Monaco they have now become an Official FIA Publication for all  major motor sports events worldwide & also for the F1 Grand Monaco & have recently become media partners for the World Sports Legend Awards (WSLA Monaco)

Screenshot-2018-5-29 Cannes Film Festival 2018 - Web Version

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s book an inspirational meeting with you where we share everything you need to know about this marketing opportunity. Our goal is to do everything possible to create an individual solution and to deliver an experience high above your expectations.


Niclas Johansson

Tel: +46(0)708 53 85 35



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