Bluefin LED Summer Sizzler Promotion

Summer Sizzler Promotion

Our ultimate performance Piranha P24 Underwater Light is now available with extra discount* for August / September as a pre refit season offer available from all good stockists and our website.

10,000 Fixture lumens of awesome power from a surface mounted light or 7,000 lumens in full colour change.

Ask your stockist for details


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Bluefin LED’s innovative and technologically advanced LED Underwater Boat Lights create a custom lighting package for your boat,from the smallest RIB to the Largest Superyacht Bluefin LED has the right product for you.

Our award winning and state of the art Dock Light can be used to provide breathtaking illumination on marinas and docks.

Developed by a team of highly experienced engineers and carefully manufactured in the UK, our products incorporate only the finest quality proven materials to provide exceptional performance, efficiency and reliability.


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Cottage Farm, Cottage Lane,

Norton Juxta Twycross, Atherstone,UK, CV9 3QH

T   +44 (0)1827 880450


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