RaceMedia gets a new co-owner – Prosports makes an entry

After an extended period, with several meetings and negotiations, we can now announce that RaceMedia has secured a long-term financial partner with an extensive network of contacts and significant experience in successful business development with a focus on motorsport and events.

From mid-January, Prosport AB, with Stefan Lindberg, serial entrepreneur, and business developer, enters RaceMedia as half-owner of a re-shaped company under the RaceMedia brand.



Together with the current owners and management at RaceMedia, Mr. Lindberg will use his knowledge in developing and managing the company towards a leading role in the stated business areas of eSport – TCR-Racing – Event Cars – Events.

Over the past three years, RaceMedia and its partners have developed a range of services. The latest addition to the portfolio is a marketing platform for eSport in car-racing that will help our partners to reach entirely new target groups. The first in-house produced e-series is based upon Audi’s most successful touring car model, the Audi RS3 LMS. The series will run over ten months with a grand live finale in Dubai or Monaco.

RaceMedias will, during this spring, move its headquarters to Gothenburg in newly built premises intended solely for this business.

“A concentration to Gothenburg of our resources lays the foundation for the rapid and successful expansion of the company. In our new premises, we will be able to showcase all of our chosen business areas as well as showcase our long and successful history from the world of the professional racing, says Stefan Lindberg”.

We are very much anticipating Prosport as an active co-owner in our revitalized company. RaceMedias’ existing partners and agreements are continuing seamlessly into this new organization without exemption and could expect even more excellent results from now on.

RaceMedia will now continue to give brands access to year around multi-brand events reaching a worldwide audience who embrace the lifestyle of motorsports, automotive, and serve as a platform for new sustainable products and services for our clients.

More information about RaceMedia’s new operation will be presented as soon as all elements are in place.

For more information contact:


race med smpng

Niclas Johansson, Founder

Tel: +46 (0) 708 53 85 35

Email: management@racemedia.net

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