Corporate Club International Awards


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Corporate Club International Awards in conjunction with CCI Riviera & Monaco News,”The Billionaire Chronicle” & Easyjet with our leading Monaco based Corporate VIP Member Stelios haji-ioannou (Owner of Easyjet & founder Gustavia Yacht Club):


The awards are given to those companies in the following categories:

1) Superyacht Industry

2) Finance & Investment

3) Property & Real Estate

4) Luxury Lifestyle

5) Business/Private Jets

dassault monaco
There are subcategories in each section so you can be selected in relevant sùb- catergory:

The Winners are chosen by the number of interactions via our award winning Social Media pages including Facebook & Twitter, we are in fact the leading Twitter Hashtags for the #Riviera & #Monaco.


In order to win your sector award you need have the most:

1) Shares

2) Likes

3) Re-Tweets

The full award details will be confirmed in due course & awards ceremony to be held at Monaco Yacht Show later this year.


Corporate Club International Award details/updates can be found in:

Screenshot-2018-5-29 Cannes Film Festival 2018 - Web Version


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