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True Bespoke Is Always Personal…

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With so many clothing and accessory choices out there, men and women today are not limited in any way about what they can wear. People can not only buy from local department stores, boutiques and chains but from online retailers as well. E-commerce is alive and well; and most businesses will ship anywhere in the world for what is usually a fair rate. Thus, the sky’s the limit in what people choose to wear.
What you wear is a great way of expressing yourself. Whether you like fast fashion that you can change season after season or classic collectables that you can rely on year after year, there is something for your personal taste.

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When deciding what to wear, don’t overlook accessories like handbags, shoes and belts. What you carry and what you choose to accessorize with can complete your look and add a touch of polish and class. People will look at your accessories as much as what you wear, and note the quality and style of these items. Right now, smart, business professionals and fashionistas alike are turning to these classic bespoke fashions when choosing their accessories.


What are bespoke goods, and how do you select them?
First of all, true bespoke is always personal. Bespoke means classic and tailored to you, your tastes and your lifestyle. This is a way to personalize your style and do it with quality craftsmanship.


Before selecting a bespoke good, you need to know your style and what you would like to convey. Bespoke goods are not only an instant classic, but because they are often handmade or crafted with care by a trained artisan, they are collectible, worthy of being handed down from generation to generation, and most of all, one of a kind. Unlike department store goods or other high-end goods from popular companies that can be found online and often, flood secondary markets like eBay and Craigslist, you won’t see someone else carrying the same handbag or clutch at an important event, out shopping or when you are out to brunch. Also, with handcrafted bespoke goods, there won’t be any counterfeits on the market as well, so you can be sure of the authenticity of your bespoke product and confidently wear it knowing you have the only one.


Many times, bespoke goods can be custom made with your specifications, or made to order, which means that the finished product is entirely you, and tailored to your specific taste and individuality.

In a world of mass production, it can be hard to be an individual. Somewhere out there is someone who is carrying the same bag as you, or wearing the same outfit. But when you choose to purchase from an artisan, who puts years of study, training and practice into their craft, you end up with something that is truly special and individual.

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The next time you choose to buy something, consider choosing an artisan-made bespoke luxury product. In addition to supporting a craft, you’ll be choosing to convey your individuality as well.

Here’s to the bespoke artisans all over the world who handcraft their goods; Cheers! -The Beau Satchelle Family


beau satchelle

Beau Satchelle provides fine bespoke leather handbags, cases, luggage, accessories and connoisseur specialties to those who crave individuality and one of a kind pieces. Luxury Designer and Leather Artisan T. Michael carefully crafts these works of art and is committed to reviving the time honored tradition of hand-stitched luxury leather goods. Made exclusively from luxurious and exotic skins, premium hides and hardware, he meticulously builds his distinctive products to meet his discerning and sophisticated client’s needs. Beau Satchelle (Beautiful Handbags), make a statement and stand the test of time…



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