Bluefin innovative and technologically advanced LED boat lights

Bluefin Latest News

Due to be released March 2020 in time for the next product updates from Raymarine and Garmin Marine the Intelligent Yacht System from Bluefin will offer a lot more than just lighting control, it will also be packed with features like 6 channel digital switching (PLC compatible) Sound to light connectivity, PWM dimming, DMX Lighting control, NEMA2000 compatible to name just a few.
Available from our extensive distributors worldwide or ask your local dealer for more details :


Poco Marine Ltd Apex Lighting
Lumalex Canada Island Water World L&B Marine and Tech Marine Belship RLR Yachting Malta Azzi Sport Marine Mc-Technologies Lowrance Applelec Yacht Illumination SKAUT Sp. z o.o. Tonsai Marine Services Omniyacht Brook Marine Allith Car Accessories Foresti&Suardi Electronaval – Marine Electrical Works, Automation & Sales RWB Marine JPW Marine Wholesalers Comar Marine AlSabih Marine

Unique Underwater LED Lights

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Bluefin LED’s innovative and technologically advanced underwater LED boat lights are suitable for all types of boat and yacht. Quality assured and maintenance free.

Our award winning state of the art Dock Light is the perfect choice for breathtaking illumination of marinas and docks.


Technically Superior & Quality Assured

bluefin led

At Bluefin LED, we specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative LED underwater marine lights.

Technically superior and quality assured, our advanced Underwater LED boat lights are engineered in the UK from the finest sourced components and materials and can be used to provide breathtaking nightime illumination on all types of boat and yacht.
Onshore, our award winning Dock Lights can be installed with confidence onto marinas and docks.

Quality, care, innovation and passion go into each and every one of our products and this is clear to see throughout the range. We are also unique in offering internal driver systems as standard to reduce both cost and installation time for the end user.

Our lights are available in white, blue and green as standard and full RGBW colour changing options for that perfect finishing touch.

Whatever your requirements, Bluefin LED can provide an exceptionally reliable, maintenance free and highly economical solution.

Why We Are Unique

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  • Our underwater LED boat lights are patented and incorporate cutting edge technology.
  • Our products are all British engineered and manufactured.
  • We provide quality assured solutions for vessels large and small.
  • Internal driver systems are supplied as standard across our entire core range.
  • We never compromise on quality throughout design, manufacture and assembly.
  • We constantly strive to increase performance and reliability whilst reducing cost.
  • As a customer-driven business, we are committed to providing exceptional quality and service.

Underwater Lighting

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Bluefin LED’s innovative and technologically advanced LED Underwater Boat Lights create a custom lighting package for your boat,from the smallest RIB to the Largest Superyacht Bluefin LED has the right product for you.

Our award winning and state of the art Dock Light can be used to provide breathtaking illumination on marinas and docks.

Developed by a team of highly experienced engineers and carefully manufactured in the UK, our products incorporate only the finest quality proven materials to provide exceptional performance, efficiency and reliability.

Superyacht Lighting

Screenshot-2018-4-20 Bluefin LED(10)

Bluefin LED’s innovative and technologically advanced LED Underwater Boat Lights create a custom lighting package for your vessel.

Designed and manufactured in the U.K by a team of highly skilled industry experts with over a decade of experience on many of the worlds largest Mega yachts.

Our products incorporate the very latest technology to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency and reliability.

Bluefin LED Superyacht Weld In and Thru Hull Series Underwater Lights boast the highest Lumen output currently available on the market.

Screenshot-2018-4-20 Bluefin LED(6)




Cottage Farm, Cottage Lane,Norton Juxta Twycross, Atherstone,UK, CV9 3QH

T   +44 (0)1827 880450

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