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Corporate Club International Family Office Report

Including list of Leading Global Family Offices

Report will be sent to all 4,350 family Offices



MONACO Global Family Office Investment Summit (Left to right) Giuseppe Ambrosio, Carmelo Caggia (CNBC) & Anthony Ritossa

Be part of our special family office report & follow our reviews of Anthony Ritossas 11th Global Family Office Investment Summit Monaco Representing $4 Trillion in Wealth.


We are currently inviting companies from the following areas to contribute/participate with papers/editorials/articles in our report:

Private Banks/Investment funds

Superyacht Builders/Brokers

Real Estate Companies

Private/Business Jet Manufacturers/Brokers

Hedge Funds

Insurance Companies

                      The very wealthy are in unprecedented numbers turning to family offices to address many of their financial and life issues. To compete, many of the traditional providers such as private banks and brokerage firms are establishing their own family office practices for their wealthiest clients. This client-intense renaissance is a function of the appeal of the family office model to the wealthy. Basically, there are two types of family offices – single-family and multi-family offices.


The single-family office

A single-family office is an organizational structure that manages the financial and personal affairs of one wealthy family. Because a single-family office is driven purely by the needs and preferences of the underlying family, there is no standard for how one should be structured. For instance, some single-family offices are lean enterprises that focus exclusively on investing with a skeleton crew while others are robust organizations with in-house staff, numerous vendor relationships and a broad platform of services. This disparity means it’s difficult to establish hard-and-fast criteria for how a single-family office should be defined other than its dedication to a sole family. Though it remains unclear, estimates of the number of single-family offices range from a few thousand to the more than ten thousand.

The multi-family office

The multi-family office structure is an extension of the current wealth management model; a business that helps firms engage in fewer, deeper and more lasting relationships with affluent clients that are based on customized solutions, specialized expertise and responsive service. In reality, however, many kinds of entities identify themselves as multi-family offices creating an expansive field of disparate contenders. Though today’s multi-family offices often come from dissimilar backgrounds – some were single-family offices looking to share infrastructure costs, others were small groups of like-minded families that saw an opportunity to expand, and still others were commercial entities that chose to focus narrowly on the needs of the ultra-wealthy – now they are organizations with common attributes and are run, more often than not, with an eye toward profit and growth.


The Rise of Family Offices & Family Office Report complete contact form below and/or see us at MONACO 9th Global Family Office Investment Summit Representing $4 Trillion in Wealth June 18-20

Anthony Ritossas 8th Global Family Office Summit

Anthony Ritossa’s 8th Global Family Office Summit enjoyed record attendance

Corporate Clùb International in Conjùnction with CCI Riviera & Monaco News:

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