ILTM Cannes-The world’s leading luxury travel event…


International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM Cannes)

The world’s leading luxury travel event.

 Up to 1400 elite buyers, agents, tour specialists, concierge service providers and private travel designers will be hosted from across the world at ILTM , each seeking new possibilities in luxury travel for their high net worth clients.  ILTM facilitates face-to-face business opportunities for both these buyers to explore the world in 4 days of pre-scheduled, mutually matched appointments.

The ultimate global meeting in the annual luxury travel calendar

ILTM in Cannes is a flagship inspirational show. ILTM bring everyone to Cannes: your customers, your media and your network. It’s where the world meets the world! You will be seen alongside the absolute best in class and do more business in a week than is possible in many months. More contacts, more opportunities, more insights and more markets than anywhere else – you can’t afford not to be part of it.



CCI Riviera & Monaco News: 

Our partners for this leading luxury travel event include:

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CCI Riviera & Monaco News will be covering & attending the ILTM Cannes so get extra coverage internationally & across the region and more potential clients,  CCI  Riviera & Monaco News are currently offering special discounted packages on Corporate, Company & Individual options for all the major events in the region, These special packages give you coverage 24/7 from now up until, during and after the shows in our CCI Riviera & Monaco News & on our CCI Monaco/connections page and also VIP tickets to CCI receptions during the show, please email or complete contact form below:  


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For all the latest news on Luxury Travel & The ILTM Cannes

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