Monaco Green is the new Glam

Green is the New Glam

With this backdrop in mind, it is hardly surprising that Monaco as a nation has followed many of these same environmental principles and has incorporated it into their day-to-day lives and activities. This has been highlighted by the “Green is the New Glam” campaign – a campaign which emphasises the importance of responsible tourism and is aimed at bringing worldwide attention to the impressive efforts being made by this tiny country and the huge impact it is having on the European and global stage when it comes to sustainable tourism.



The Green is the New Glam campaign focuses on local gardens and parks, transport and hotels and restaurants – each with the potential to create new and exciting sustainable ways of improving their offerings and services. This is evidenced by the number of Green Key, Green Globe and Planet 21-awarded hotels and restaurants that already exist in Monaco.

This is then supported by a programme of educational awareness and local recycling to ensure that all citizens are well and truly on board with the plan. This avant-garde approach is winning the hearts and minds of locals and visitors alike and is already setting Monaco apart as an ecotourism destination that is also able to walk the talk. Make no mistake about it: this is not a half-hearted approach by any standards.


Monaco hopes to achieve sustainable and impactful development of their tourism industry without taking anything away from the glamorous and luxurious reputation it has already built. It is a tall ask, but one they are already achieving with the help of some of their most popular tourist attractions, along with new initiatives, policies and innovations. So what are some of the best sustainable and environmentally friendly places and practices you might come across the next time you visit Monaco?


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