MIPIM: CCI Monaco virtual online answer to your current & post coronavirus promotion/branding…

MIPIM Connect

MIPIM has launched its digital platform MIPIM Connect to meet the needs of property industry professionals to discuss, make new contacts and keep up to date with business developments.

MIPIM Cannes

MIPIM, normally scheduled in March each year has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus,  The next edition of MIPIM in Cannes will take place March 16-19, 2021.


We are on MIPIM Connect

Corporate Club International & CCI Riviera & Monaco News:


We will be listed on the Official databases of all the major Riviera &
Monaco Events, giving access to over 525,000 Officially Registered Professional attendees.

This includes the new MIPIM OFFICIAL CONNECT SITE:

With all the disruption particularly to the Major Riviera & Monaco events due to the coronavirus Corporate Club International in conjunction with CCI Riviera & Monaco News which includes the leading Twitter Hashtags for the #Riviera & #Monaco is offering a cost effective virtual online answer to your companies current & post coronavirus promotion/branding at these world beating events.

Joint venture partnerships also available through our
Leading Monaco based broker.

Please email for details: monaco@corporate-club.com

mipim nbn

CCI Riviera & Monaco News are NOW on the Official MIPIM Connect Database registered attendees can therefore contact us directly for online meetings etc

We can produce your promotional/editorial page on your company & then send this for you to review & if “OK” we can then go “LIVE” with this & all other elements

1) Promotion from NOW up until & during the MIPIM Cannes.

2) Headline positions in our special MIPIM  editions.

3) Promotion via our award winning social media connections including the leading twitter hashtags #Riviera #Monaco.

4) Email-shots to all our members/readers/database including many involved in the Property & Real Estate Industries.

5) VIP invites to our events during MIPIM Cannes including the opportunity to network & distribute your promotional materials etc.



MIPIM Cannes the world’s leading property market, brings together the most influential players from all international property sectors – office, residential, retail, healthcare, sport, logistics and industrial, offering unrivalled access to the greatest number of development projects and sources of capital worldwide.

Screenshot-2018-5-22 Bravenet Mailing List Service Manager


Screenshot_2018-11-07 MIPIM - The world_s leading property market

CCI  Riviera & Monaco News (Official Ambassadors MIPIM Cannes) will be covering & attending MIPIM 2020 Cannes so get extra coverage internationally & across the region and more potential clients,  Corporate Club International are currently offering special discounted packages on Corporate, Company & Individual options for all the major events in the region, These special packages give you coverage 24/7 from now up until, during and after the shows in our CCI Riviera & Monaco News & on our CCI Online home/connections page and also VIP tickets to CCI receptions during the show, please email cci@corporate-club.com or complete contact form below:  

CCI Riviera & Monaco News are NOW on the Official MIPIM Database 2020, registered attendees can therefore contact us directly for meetings etc

cci logo mipim 2020







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