Bluefin LED Latest News…

Bluefin Latest News

New product release

The outstanding Superyacht Elite range has been extended, with the addition of a tank version. Which is suitable for mounting in fuel and water tanks around the hull or where obstructions inside the hull makes it impossible to fit a standard weld-in light. Boasting the same outstanding performance of our standard weld-in lights @ 26,000 Fixture lumens, various cofferdam options and seamless hull illumination. Available in White, Blue or RGBW with DMX control.



Piranha P6 Nitro and P6 Nitro Dual Colour MK11


Surface Mounted LED Underwater Boat Light

  • The Piranha P6 Nitro Underwater Light produces 3,600 fixture lumens,
  • compact low profile design is perfect for all boat types, suitable for transom and side mounting on all hull types.
  • Switch on for normal power, for Nitro power turn off then back on and the brightness is boosted by 35% 
  • Dual Colour option produces 3600 Lumens when White and Blue LED`S are illumitated or 70% output if only Blue LED`S are illuminated
  • Incredibly simple to install just one small cable entry hole and 3 mounting screws. Reverse polarity protection with in built driver technology and active thermal rollback.
  • Suitable for in and out of water use.
  • RINA Type Approved
  • P6 is available in 12V or 24V options, Dual colour P6 is 12V only

Summer Specials Kickstart your boating season

We have some amazing offers available for our larger Signature series lights, with full RGBW color change which packs a real punch and a free of charge controller,

We all know its been a tough start to the year and we are here to support the industry. With good supply chains and the factory in full production adhering to government guidelines we are able to complete orders safely and quickly.



Cottage Farm, Cottage Lane,Norton Juxta Twycross, Atherstone,UK, CV9 3QH

T   +44 (0)1827 880450

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