Monaco Luxury Lifestyle Charity Gala “Massive Success”

Corporate Club International as Corporate Partners with Club Vivanova for this event would like to congratulate Bradley Mitton for going through hell for as Winston Churchill once said – “When you are going through hell, keep going” and he did keep on going and we’ve all been through hell this year but we achieved the goal and the gala was a massive success with 180 amazing attendees!Under the circumstances, this was probably the most exceptional event that we have ever hosted and together, we raised over €30,000 for the Chances for Children Foundation and TAF The Animal Find that respectively care for and educate children..This was truly a legendary moment during the crisis in partnership with the Fairmont Monte Carlo – commitment, determination, excellent planning with impeccable teamwork and execution

Local Business Entrepreneur Mike Lorimer & the Lovely Ulricke (see below) represented Corporate Club International at this exceptional event.

We thank the following partners for helping us to raise awareness and funds to make the world a better place for our children to live including.. Corporate Club International, ZANTOS, Aston Martin Monaco, Fairmont Monte Carlo, Relevance Digital, Maboum, Breezedays, Vitamin Coffee, Yachting Charterworld, Liv Karsenti, Chilli No. 5, La Chevre d’Or, Scarpa Wines, Amy-Elle Global Massage Therapy, Champagne Paul Charpentier, La Vague de Saint Paul, Inspire Me Travel, Thirty-Nine Monte Carlo, Experience the French Riviera, Monte Carlo Beer, La Ferme d’Augustin, Lakemakeld, Natsuc, Victorine Ngangu, Vodka23, Riviera Radio, Authentic Hotels & Cruises, Bogali Concept and JWP Lifestyle


Corporate Club International Official Corporate Partners for this event

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