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Invites to CCI Monaco VIP Receptions during the show
Venues include Major/Leading Cannes Hotels & Beach Venues & Fashion Shows.

The Corporate & Company options includes promotional services from now up until and
during the event including Interviews, Editorials, Advertorials, & Branding at the event and in the CCI Riviera & Monaco News special Cannes Film Festival show editions with electronic & hard copies distributed during the event with full social media, mobile & tablet coverage.


We can also arrange VIP tickets for the other leading VIP events taking place including
Opening Ceremony /Party, Chopard, De Degrisogono & AMFAR events & closing
ceremony VIP Tickets. POA

Other services available via CCI include Villa & Apt Rentals, Shopping trips to main stores in Cannes/ Croisette with champagne reception, Hairdressing & Supply of fashion clothes/coutre for VIP events Limos/Chauffeurs/Transfers, Chef services in villas etc POA

We have a limited number of packages available, please find contact details at bottom of page to receieve package details/options

A major event in the world of film, Cannes Film Festival takes place every year during the second fortnight of May. The “Palme d’Or” (Golden Palm) is the highest prize awarded by the Festival’s jury to the year’s best competing film.

A legendary event

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The first ever Cannes Film Festival dates back to 20th September 1946. The main screenings take place at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, on the famous Croisette. Becoming the festival benefiting from the most media attention in the world, the presence of stars from around the world during the opening ceremony and the traditional walking up the steps of the Palais, quickly gave it international and legendary renown. Each year, thousands of photographers flock to the city of Cannes.

The aim of the Festival


“A microcosm of what the world would be like if man could make direct contact with one another and speak the same language” (Jean Cocteau), “the aim of the festival is to encourage the development of filmic art in all of its forms and to maintain a spirit of collaboration between all of the film-producing countries” (extract from the by-law of 1948)

The importance of the Festival in relation to the development of cinema

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With this mindset, the Festival has successfully promoted Italian neorealism, the Nouvelle Vague (French New Wave cinema) and modern American cinema, and has paid homage to such diverse film-makers as Fellini, Buñuel, Visconti, Antonioni, Losey, Altman, Rosi, Coppola, Scorsese, Olmi, Wajda, Piala, Imamura, Kusturica and Kiarostami.

CCI Riviera & Monaco News ((Officialy Registered with Marche du Film & Cinando
& Official Media Partners Cannes Fashion & Film) ) will be covering & attending the Cannes Film Festival so get extra coverage internationally & across the region and more potential clients,  CCI Riviera & Monaco News are currently offering special discounted packages on Corporate, Company & Individual options for all the major events in the region, These special packages give you coverage 24/7 from now up until, during and after the shows in our CCI Riviera & Monaco News & on our CCI Monaco home/connections page and also VIP tickets to CCI receptions during the show, please email or complete contact form below:  

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