See you in October for MIPCOM 2022 Cannes!


The World’s Virtual Entertainment Content Market

17-20 October 2022

Join the global entertainment community online to celebrate the art and business of buying, producing, distributing and commissioning television around the world. 

What is MIPCOM ?

Launched in 1985, the largest TV market in the world brings together every year the most influential TV and digital content executives for four days of creative exchange, networking, screenings and inspiring talks. Featuring: buyers • sellers • commissioners • distributors • producers • talents • stars • content creators • marketing executives • IPs owners • media influencers • PR • investors • startup • broadcasting groups • VOD platforms brands • banks

With MIPCOM Cannes fast approaching CCI Monaco have special introductory packages to all our services this includes:


Invites to CCI Monaco VIP Receptions during the show
Venues include Major Cannes Hotel & Beach/Show Venues

                                         Interviews/Editorials. (Headline positions still available)

                                      Promotions/Advertorials from now, during & after the event.

                                                                      Full Social Media Coverage.

                                                E/mail shots to our members/readers/database

        12 month package comes with CCI Monaco Welcome pack including case of International/New world wines.

                               We also pay introductory commission to brokers/agents/influencers.

CCI  Riviera & Monaco News (Official Ambassadors MIPCOM Cannes) will be covering & attending MIPCOM Cannes so get extra coverage internationally & across the region and more potential clients,  Corporate Club International are currently offering special discounted packages on Corporate, Company & Individual options for all the major events in the region, These special packages give you coverage 24/7 from now up until, during and after the shows in our CCI Riviera & Monaco News & on our CCI Monaco connections page and also VIP tickets to CCI receptions during the show, please email or complete contact form below:  

mipcom onemip

For further details complete contact form below:

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