Cannes Yachting Festival 2023…


Every year in the two ports of Cannes, the Yachting Festival hosts an eclectic offer of boats from 3 to 43 meters, in-water and on the ground, with sails or with motors, monohull or multihull, hard or semi-rigid, including many prerelease previews.

It’s the chance to meet the largest names in the yachting industry and discover their latest innovations in unrivaled visiting conditions

With the Cannes Yachting Festival fast approaching CCI Monaco have special introductory packages to all our services this includes:


Invites to CCI Monaco VIP Receptions during the show
Venues include Major Cannes Hotel & Beach/Show Venues

                                         Interviews/Editorials. (Headline positions still available)

                                      Promotions/Advertorials from now, during & after the event.

                                                                      Full Social Media Coverage.

                                                E/mail shots to our members/readers/database

        12 month package comes with CCI Monaco Welcome pack including case of International/New world wines.

                               We also pay introductory commission to brokers/agents/influencers.


For further details complete contact form below:

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