French Riviera Animals Association

A group dedicated to animals on the French Riviera. We welcome anyone who loves animals, and we also welcome your pets, wherever they came from! …Our main aim, though, is to change the lives of abandoned animals in the area.
You are welcome to advertise animals in local refuges looking for forever homes or foster families. Animal sitters or day care on offer, (please also join our other group, Petsitters Available And Wanted, French Riviera) …. here on French Riviera Animals you will find Information and advice (offered or needed) on any aspect of pet care, and you are welcome to advertise pet accessories for sale.
french riv an
We are a committed rescue group. We fundraise regularly and donate to local refuges. We are always happy to collect towels, bedding, any spare medicines you might have for animals, dog and cat toys etc., and we will take them to the local refuges.
Strictly no breeders are welcome.
For any more info, please contact your admins, Tana Deen (See below), Britta Robert.
And if you would like to be involved in our fundraising, we would love to hear from you

french riviare

I’m Tana, President of FRA – French Riviera Animals Association.

When my children were growing up, our house was full of small furry creatures, but it was one cat, Spike, a huge ugly ginger tom cat, that changed the path of my life. We adopted him from a local UK shelter and I started volunteering there, fundraising and catching feral cats for a spay and neuter scheme.

Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 11-34-32 Committee Members frenchrivieraanimals

Now I have time, and my work and my passion is FRA I live with 5 wonderful rescue dogs and assorted feral, but tame, cats.

We can’t save them all. But for the ones we do save, we change their lives forever.


Non-profit organisation

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