Interbridge Financial Group – European Bridging Loans

Interbridge have launched short-term European second home financing proposition


Interbridge Group launched its European second home and investment property bridging
loan proposition in 2022. The product, which is believed to be the first standardised
product of its kind, can be secured on property located in:


Loans can be up to a gross 75% LTV, and range from €750,000 to €5 million. The maximum
term will be 24 months. The security properties must be owned by SPVs.

Sean Adams, Chief Commercial Officer, said “We are delighted to be able to launch this
innovative product, which has been created following strong inbound demand from
borrowers and their advisors. European banks have not been keen on cross-border
residential lending since the GFC and, of course, Brexit has created financing challenges for
second home owners. Many European citizens are mobile and have cross-border lifestyles
regardless of age. We all know that the pandemic has accelerated the desire to own a chalet
in the Alps or a place in the sun. It has been a common frustration of borrowers that the
financing products they have become used to in their home markets have not been
available in transnational property transactions. We sincerely believe that the market has
been waiting for our products”.

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 10-15-51 European Bridging - Interbridge

Sven Peter, Chief Executive Officer, commented “The European cross border residential
financing markets are rigid and stalling. At Interbridge we believe that this is wrong and
contrary to the Zeitgeist of our people. Our product is a much needed means of opening
avenues to liquidity through the leveraging of otherwise stagnant assets given the limited
opportunities presented by the market. At Interbridge we want to become finance enablers
and step in where vanilla financing providers do not want to support their customers. The
team at Interbridge has done an amazing job building a company eco system that can
deliver on that goal. Interbridge triangulates digital, financial and human resources around a
multi-location architecture. We have created centres of excellence in all of our target
markets. Our operations and IT functions are located in Vilnius at the pulse of Europe’s
most dynamic fintech hub. We also maintain a strong presence in London, Europe’s financial
capital and where the Interbridge journey began. I really look forward to growing the
business dynamically”.

interbridge Presentation1(4)


85 Great Portland Street
London, England

Tel:  +44 (0) 7514 350 990


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